Humorist. Improviser. Father. In that order.

Who me?

I'll start by addressing the obvious question. Am I, Gabe Capone, related to the Archangel Gabriel—the messenger sent by God (as mentioned in the biblical book that comes free with the purchase of a hotel nightstand)? I've been asked that more times than I can count, which means over 10. This much I know: I am a cherub-faced sex symbol and have the ability to tell virgins their pregnant. I think the answer is clear. 

More humbly, I am a writer, performer, maker, vinylphile, movie fan, eater, beer hound, husband, father, brother, son, and renaissance every man originally from the suburbs near Philadelphia. My loving, but underhanded, parents fooled me into leaving their basement by falsely promising there was a block of cheddar for me in the driveway. Cheeseless and embarrassed because I fell for the oldest trick in the book, I ran away to New York City.

I started taking improv classes at the Peoples Improv Theater over eight years ago. I hope to finish Level 1 soon! From there, I joined several indie teams, including being the male half of the improv duo Capone & Defeo. 

I'm also the creator/producer/star of Walk-In Therapy with Dr. Frank Dolores, an improvised web series and live show that features me as a therapist counseling fake patients with real issues. Or is it real patients with fake issues? 

From improv, I began writing sketches for National Scandal, the house sketch team at The PIT. I spent four years writing, performing, and buying countless props with them. 

I've also written sketches and bits for the Doin' it with Mike Sacks podcast, as well as for Prove It All Night on the legendary WFMU-FM.

I wrote an award-winning comedy short script called The Bartleby Twins. It's the story of twin girls born two days apart and forced to face the world after 27 years of isolation. Think The Wolf Pack meets Kimmy Schmidt with a dash of The OA.

I write a humor blog for titled The Pepper Dolores, which is a welcome distraction from the site's generally thought-provoking and inspiring content.

I also write essays for Dead Pan Alley, which is featured on this site.

When I'm not juggling my two young daughters (not literally, they’re too heavy), I write about them and share the stories with Scary Mommy, Fatherly, and Kidspot. 

If you want a quick laugh then check out my twitter @gcapone or surprise me when I'm getting out of the shower. 

When not doing comedy, I can be found dancing for money.

I now live in Philadelphia with my wife, two daughters, and Uncle Gabe Kaplan.